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Created by the hand of Andrea Martineau, directly from the heart of North Pembrokeshire, Wales. Each piece is unique and inspired by the land, the sky and the weather of the area. We care for you and respect the environment; for this reason all our pieces are 100% hypo-allergenic and nickel-free. We believe in the uniqueness of each person and therefore we offer personal and distinctive jewellery. We chose the name Icatcha because each piece catches the eye, and the owl has a great eye for seeing its target.

Andrea Martineau

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All our pieces are handmade, using selected gemstones and materials from around the world. Our home is in Goodwick, North Pembrokeshire. You can have access to exclusive collections available only in our store.

Local Shops

In the best shops of the area you can find some unique items. Visit North Pembrokeshire and find our jewellery on your way.

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Different collections for your personal customer experience. Seasonal collection, pearls, wedding jewellery and others will help you to choose the perfect gift.